With over 100 years experience as a clothing manufacturer, Barbour is now a 4th generation owned family that has developed a clear understanding of fashion and practicality. Barbour initially started out providing a wardrobe of clothes aimed at customers who love the countryside and country pursuits. Their Mens Barbour jackets were designed to incorporate a country heritage, be extremely durable and have intricate attention to detail.

Due to the beautifully made and functionality of the Barbour wax jackets farmers and fishermen were the target audience of Barbour jackets. However over the years there have been several additions to the Barbour jackets range and has become fashion based than functional work wear.

Some of the most popular additions that were added and are, today, the height of fashion in the UK, not just the countryside are Barbour quilted jackets and Barbour Biker Jackets. Excel Clothing stocks the most fashionable and up to date designs of Womens Barbour Jackets. They have Barbour quilted jackets for men and for women. These Barbour quilted jackets no longer just come in the standard black but they are also available in a range of bright colours to stand out in a crowd.

The more modern Barbour bike jackets are also available for both male and female from Excel Clothing. The Barbour bike jacket is produced in a variant of styles. With the variety of stock of Barbour jackets, Excel Clothing can make you look like a fashion guru with up to the minute styles of Barbour biker jackets and Barbour quilted jackets.